Change Log

Version: 11.6 - Released: 2/7/2011
    Driver Management
    • Added: Can add new Drivers and Trucks which use a WSS plate
    • Added: Editable Truck Numbers
    • Updated: Comletely reworked back-end of Hire Driver page to use Entities
    • Fixed: Term Too? check boxes show on term date blur causing confusion when immediately pressing save button (show on focus)

    IRP Management
    • Added: Plate Return tracking
    • Added: Plate Return reminder script (25 days)
    • Added: Plate ID to plate list
    • Added: Plate Return e-mail preference
    • Fixed: Not showing enough Plates per page (show 50)

    Log Management
    • Added: Log Envelope Counts to Log Summary

    Wall Street Online
    • Updated: Use config file to setup DB connections
    • Updated: Improved DB error message to users
    • Fixed: Multiple history items created by system actions can show out of order (sort by id)

Version: 11.1 - Released: 12/31/2011
    Driver Management
    • Added: Average Lease Length Table to Driver Summary

    IRP Management
    • Added: Plate Tracking

    • Fixed: Negative Check batch number doesn't try to find recent neg checks

    Risk Management
    • Added: Can Print Corrective Action
    • Fixed: Corrective Action date aren't noticibly clickable

    Wall Street Online
    • Added: General Entity Page for any entity type
    • Updated: General Includes and Login Check to work with new include Path
    • Fixed: Site not able to check EFS e-mail

Version: 10.51 - Released: 12/20/2010
    Driver Management
    • Added: Wss Plate and Fleet Number to Trucks; temp for upcoming IRP module
    • Added: Average Lease Length to Driver Summary

    • Added: Better Def Neg Check Batch Number, most recent neg check or (if no checks) more recent EFS batch
    • Added: Is Termming attribute to each negative check

    Risk Management
    • Added: Can Pring Corrective Actions List

Version: 10.49 - Released: 12/7/2010
    Driver Application
    • Fixed: Express App Submit E-mail not respecting E-mail user preferences

    Driver Management
    • Added: First seven digits of SSNs hidden in Driver Histories
    • Fixed: Last Name Caps Algorithm to not cap the 'v' in Devon

    • Added: Log Envelope Received Date to Log Status List
    • Added: Log Driver ID to Log Status Sheet
    • Fixed: Columns on Log Status PDF too narrow

    Wall Street Online
    • Fixed: DB Backup paths
    • Fixed: Removed necessary scripts for old updats
    • Fixed: Redirect after login for reals

Version: 10.46 - Released: 11/15/2010
    • Added: Validation on credit request address fields
    • Added: Address information on Credit Request E-mail

    Driver Management
    • Fixed: Saving entity edit without changes fires empty update e-mail

    • Added: Date header row to bottom of log worksheet

    Random Drug Screens
    • Added: DS Dashboard shows Pull and YTD summaries
    • Added: Each DS Pull has its own page; can print pool, pulls and auths
    • Added: Can mark drug screen with result of Termed
    • Added: Breadcrubs on DS pages for easier navigation
    • Fixed: Drivers cannot be pulled for alcohol and drug in the same pull

    Wall Street Online
    • Fixed: Many pages redirecting incorrectly after login
    • Fixed: Deactivating user doesn't invalidate login cookie

Version: 10.42 - Released: 10/20/2010
    Driver Management
    • Added: Drug Test tracking and Random pulls
    • Updated: Better back end Entity datbase table detection
    • Fixed: History Links link to full website path (for inclusion in e-mails)
    • Fixed: Layout bug on Truck page

    Log Worksheet
    • Fixed: Speeding not updating on existing log record

    Public Site
    • Added: Link to Online Store on homepage and links page

Version: 10.40 - Released: 10/5/2010
    • Added: Address fields to Credit Request

    Driver Management
    • Updated: Complete reworking of internal Driver and Truck mechanisms (OO)
    • Fixed: Driver which changes trucks now has history detail "Truck changed from '#' to '#'"

    • Added: Log Summary Graphs Page
    • Added: 'A' to Log Spreadsheet Key
    • Added: Has IFTA to Log Spreadsheet Key
    • Added: Point-to-Point Speeding to Log Spreadsheet Key
    • Added: Log Probation periods on Log Spreadsheet
    • Added: Driver Names on Log Status Sheet are links to driver page
    • Added: Cells before a Driver's Hire Date are blacked out
    • Fixed: Numeric log codes being marked as Form and Manner also

    • Added: Negative Check Tracking

    Terminal Management
    • Updated: Better column widths on Printable PDF

    Wall Street Online
    • Updated: Temporarily Removed Global History

Version: 10.36 - Released: 9/7/2010
    • Added: Agents' access to Log Worksheet
    • Added: Automatic e-mails to agents on log violations each Sunday Morning
    • Added: Off-duty to Log Worksheet key
    • Added: Hover effects to rows and columns on Log Worksheet

    Online Application
    • Fixed: Previous Employment not working in IE

    Wall Street Online
    • Updated: Improved feature set of automatic cron scripts

Version: 10.34 - Released: 8/24/2010
    • Added: Our company (based on comapny of app) contact to Credit Applications

    • Added: Can Print Log Worksheet
    • Added: Key to Log Worksheet
    • Added: Log Worksheet shows Roadside Inspections
    • Added: Can add a roadside inspection from the Log Worksheet
    • Fixed: Can't encode 'dff' codes

    • Fixed: Bug where sending more than $18k results in duplicate card loads

    Public Site
    • Fixed: Link to User Request from Login Box

    Wall Street Online
    • Fixed: No end linkSpan on WSO homepage

Version: 10.31 - Released: 8/1/2010
    Driver Management
    • Added: Truck and Driver List PDFs filter by terminal for agents
    • Added: Log Driver ID for drivers

    • Added: Log Worksheet support for send backs (lowercase)
    • Added: Payroll cutoff line to Log Worksheet
    • Added: Driver Log ID to Log Worksheet
    • Fixed: Logs do not delete when entering blank code
    • Fixed: Unhandled blanks in log codes
    • Fixed: Last Log Date entry cell too wide

    Public Site
    • Fixed: Spacing of footer on homepage

    Wall Street Online
    • Added: Users' first name to session vars
    • Added: Logged in users without first name set, gets it set
    • Updated: All pages to new Main Menu with mega-drop-downs
    • Fixed: Width of count column for PDF listings to account for 1000s of drivers

Version: 10.27 - Released: 7/6/2010
    • Updated: Better format of Credit Request/Application E-mails

    • Added: Truck Numbers in History are now links to Truck Page
    • Added: E-mail is now sent on Truck Add
    • Added: Fax number to Inspection Facility PDF
    • Added: Reply to on Driver/Truck edit is user who made change
    • Added: Printable Truck List
    • Updated: Made the Inspection Facility table wider
    • Updated: Contact Name not required to add Inspection Facility
    • Updated: Changed user name on hire driver e-mail to full name
    • Fixed: Remove Driver from Previous Truck(s) makes incorrect history
    • Fixed: IE bug on adding Inspection Facility

    • Added: Total amount of load to EFS Card Load E-mails

    • Fixed: Showing terminated drivers on Card Load E-mail

    Public Site
    • Added: to links page

    Wall Street Online
    • Added: SimpleTest unit testing framework
    • Added: Full suite of database unit tests
    • Updated: Database abstraction auto detects environment and uses appropriate credentials
    • Updated: Top Nav uses arial font first
    • Updated: Better error reporting of database access errors
    • Fixed: Better detection and execution of Testing e-mails

Version: 10.21 - Released: 5/24/2010
    • Added: Inspection Facilities listing
    • Updated: Hiring/Adding a new driver will put last log date as day before hire date
    • Fixed: Hired Driver History Note Wrapping

    EFS Card Loads
    • Added: E-mail notice of failed card loads sent to Settlement users
    • Updated: Card load count fault on EFS confirmation e-mail increaded to plus or minus 2
    • Updated: All auto-gen e-mails are user-based, not sending to departmental addresses

    Wall Street Online
    • Added: Global History on WSO homepage (not available for agents/drivers, yet)
    • Updated: Automatically generated e-mails now send each recipient a separate e-mail; better securtity and user experience
    • Updated: Improved injection security; better db data output
    • Fixed: All e-mail errors recorded to log, instead of output

Version: 10.16 - Released: 4/27/2010
    Credit Application
    • Added: Credit Requests
    • Added: Credit Requests are continuable as Credit Apps
    • Updated: Credit App PDF
    • Fixed: Bad link in credit app submit e-mail

    Driver Management
    • Updated: CT/PhysDam deduction calculations
    • Updated: Removed Liabilty Insurance Deductible Program
    • Fixed: Hire Page datepicker
    • Fixed: Driver Add: last name doesn't get proper capitolization
    • Fixed: Driver Add: properly formatted truck hire/term dates
    • Fixed: Truck Add: Truck Exists/Driver driving errors have links to truck page
    • Fixed: No history detail on truck add
    • Fixed: Corrective Action notes do not wrap

    Public Site
    • Fixed: Home page not valid HTML

    Wall Street Online
    • Updated: Better error reporting for DB module errors (doesn't expose partial queries)
    • Updated: Removed box around header text on PDFs
    • Fixed: Unable to sort user list by last login
    • Fixed: Unable to send e-mail to certain recipients
    • Fixed: Quickselects not working, populating ID not names

Version: 10.14 - Released: 4/5/2010
    Credit Management
    • Updated: Redesigned Credit App PDF
    • Fixed: Tab Index on Credit Application

    Driver Application
    • Updated: Rebuilt App Status Bar
    • Fixed: Typo preventing Truck Registration Expiration saving
    • Fixed: Hidden Errors on app page 1 around address move-in
    • Fixed: Hidden Logout errors on Submit App page

    Driver Management
    • Updated: Add Truck and Add Driver have new date fields
    • Updated: Added PRE tags to hire e-mail message
    • Fixed: No end single quote in History Detail
    • Fixed: Truck not adding from Add Driver

    Public Site
    • Updated: Copywright date auto-updates
    • Updated: Locations Map: to Google, company based icons, auto populate from WSO Terminal List
    • Updated: Better format of on-page Rules Tariff

    Time Clock
    • Added: Loading confirmation for date span changes
    • Added: Saving confirmation to punch edit saves
    • Updated: Time Card Management Format (better spacing, bolded)

    Wall Street Online
    • Added: Total Page Numbers on PDFs (Page x of y)
    • Updated: Copywright date auto-update
    • Updated: Date formatting to and from SQL uses date function
    • Fixed: Bug not allowing saving of blank dates
    • Fixed: Hidden Errors redirecting to login page when not logged in
    • Fixed: HTML E-mail formatting of line breaks

Version: 10.12 - Released: 3/22/2010
    • Added: Online Credit Application, auto-emailing, WSO admin area

    Driver Management
    • Added: Ability to Print the Log Hold List
    • Fixed: Capitolization of Driver Last Names
    • Fixed: Applicant Login from homepage

    EFS Card Loads
    • Updated: Reformatted EFS Card Load E-mails to be in HTML format, with table

    Time Clock
    • Added: Time Card Detail can be printed from Time Card Management
    • Added: Punch ID number to Time Card PDFs

    User Management
    • Fixed: Activating User ID instead of User's Name in New User Activated e-mail
    • Fixed: Unable to save User info in IE

    Wall Street Online
    • Added: Automatic Daily E-mails of Database Backups
    • Added: Generated E-mails support HTML and attachments
    • Added: Google Analytics
    • Updated: Changed Date Input boxes to accept any text and parse to date string. Done so far: Add Corrective Action, Compliance, Driver Page, Hire Page, Risk Management, Truck Page, Credit App
    • Updated: jQuery 1.4.2

Version: 10.10 - Released: 3/08/2010
    Driver Management
    • Added: Can Print Certificate of Violations for Drivers
    • Added: Link to User Profile in Driver/Truck Edit e-mail for preference
    • Fixed: Adding an existing driver into a new truck removes the driver from other trucks

    Log Tracking
    • Added: jGrowl notifications on value save on Log Status page

    Online Application
    • Fixed: Drivers can log into their app with Last Name and Last 4 of SSN
    • Fixed: Unable to save PRevious Employers without FMCSR or Safety Sensitive being checked

    Risk Management
    • Added: Notes to Corrective Actions

    Time Clock
    • Added: Report Time to time clock
    • Added: Rounded Times on: My Time Card, Time Card Management, Punch Page
    • Added: Temporary Punch explaination on Punch Page
    • Added: Links to punch page on My Time Card
    • Updated: Time Clock top nav and sidemenu
    • Fixed: Status Page table width too narrow

Version: 10.8 - Released: 2/22/2010
    Driver Management
    • Added: Log Status shows on Driver Page
    • Updated: Better Terminal Code generation on Driver List
    • Updated: PDF Driver List separates terminal by line
    • Fixed: Truckless drivers don't show on Driver List
    • Fixed: Driver List sorts by terminal, last name, first name

    • Added: Log Hold status shows on Card Load lists, does not effect actual loading
    • Added: Log Hold status shows on Card Load E-mails
    • Fixed: Resend failed card load notes don't copy to new load
    • Fixed: Internal errors with retreiving card loads from database

    Log Management
    • Added: Log Hold Status

    Online Application
    • Updated: Better error reporting on app submit errors
    • Updated: Better handling of pre-app submit
    • Updated: Better handling of logout after full app submit
    • Updated: Better encrypt/decrypt of SSNs on application
    • Fixed: Can't add previous employers without being Safety Sensitive or FMCSR
    • Fixed: improperly escaped "Don\'t Know" terminals on app list

    Wall Street Online
    • Updated: Improved overall cohesion of internal methods

Version: 10.4 - Released: 1/25/2010
    Driver Management
    • Fixed: Bug with driver dropdowns not showing 'None' option on Truck Page
    • Fixed: Term Truck Too? deleting all truck info

    Main Site
    • Updated: Escrow verbage on Owner/Operator Benefits

    • Added: Can use 'batch_number+' format to show all batches from a batch to current on Activity List
    • Fixed: Last 15 graph shows 15 batches instead of 14

    Risk Management
    • Added: Terminal Risk Page: Shows Company and Terminal breakdown of drivers, points and Points Per Driver
    • Added: Terminal Report Cards

    Wall Street Online
    • Added: Login Cookies. Login Sessions will persist over browser closes and time
    • Added: Main Homepage Login box shows if already logged in
    • Fixed: Removed dead link to Help Desk from sidemenu

Version: 10.2 - Released: 1/10/2010
    Driver Management
    • Added: Proper history when adding Drivers/Trucks
    • Added: When terming, asks to also term truck/driver/co-driver
    • Added: Better visual on driver/truck page when termed
    • Added: Small red "T" next to driver/truck on lists if termed
    • Updated: SSNs in History show X's instead of whole number

    • Added: EFS Card Load Management: E-mail Parsing and auto-marking loads, centeralized administration of Card Load Activities
    • Added: More Filters to EFS Activity List: Sort by Card Number, Load Status
    • Updated: Direct Deposit Numbers are only 4 digits
    • Updated: Activity List filters default to All if blank
    • Updated: Can Refresh Activity List by pressing Enter in any filter field
    • Updated: Better Verbagefor empty queue
    • Updated: Better backend of Card Load Data DB performance

    Wall Street Online
    • Updated: Version Naming Convention to YEAR.WEEK_NUM (i.e. This version was released the second week of 2010)
    • Fixed: Bug when sending test e-mails
    • Fixed: Typo in Password Recovery title

Version: 2.8 - Released: 12/03/09
    Driver Management
    • Added: Truck History with protection against drivers in multiple trucks and auto-updates to Driver history
    • Updated: Changed verbage of history when either old or new value is blank
    • Updated: Improved Truck List loading speed

    • Added: Send file history to EFS Summary
    • Added: Resend whole file to EFS Summary
    • Fixed: Error with e-mail addressing on card load

    Risk Management
    • Updated: Stopped sending testing dupes of Corrective Action Reminders
    • Updated: Removed Corrective Action Reminder Schedule Preference

    User Management
    • Fixed: Bug not sending e-mails on user actiavate

Version: 2.7 - Released: 11/13/09
    • Added: Carrier Confirmation Number Generator and List

    Driver Management
    • Fixed: Bug saving driver city as to address

    Public Site
    • Removed: Flash image switcher from homepage

    Risk Management
    • Updated: Incident Types with 'Raodside' in name zero points after 1 year
    • Fixed: Drivers unable to edit their own information

    User Management
    • Updated: Disabled Delete User to prevent breaking user tracking of actions in other modules
    • Fixed: Bug preventing e-mails being sent upon user activation

    Wall Street Online
    • Updated: Stopped Sidemenu animation on page load

Version: 2.6 - Released: 10/16/09
    Driver Management
    • Added: Agent access to Truck List and Truck Page
    • Added: Note field on Hire Page for history
    • Added: Driver History records hire and add drivers
    • Updated: Truck List shows last names and first initials for drivers and co-drivers
    • Updated: Driver first names subjected to same auto caps as last name
    • Fixed: Bug defaulting drivers' terminals to the lowest terminalID when actual terminal is inactive
    • Fixed: Truck Page showing no (co-)driver when (co-)driver is termed
    • Fixed: Driver history not reflecting auto-caps of names and other auto-formatting of driver data
    • Fixed: Tab index on Add Truck
    • Fixed: No input masking on Hire Page

    EFS Card Loads
    • Added: Tooltips to EFS Summary Graphs
    • Added: Terminal Summary Table to EFS Summary
    • Added: Notes to EFS Card Loads
    • Updated: Removed '(see below)' from overrides section
    • Fixed: Activity List not showing Inactive Terminals

    Online Application
    • Updated: Full App submit e-mail, more uniform, terminal in subject, link to app page

    User Management
    • Updated: user requests use email modules
    • Fixed: Bug not checking for existing e-mail address correctly

    Wall Street Online
    • Added: AutoPrint to all site generated PDFs (the print box will come up when you open the file)
    • Added: E-mail Preferences in 'My Profile' to toggle receipt of certain site generated e-mails
    • Updated: Changed 'Help Desk' in top nav to 'My Profile'
    • Fixed: Bug in e-mail where all users would receive e-mail when no options were given

Version: 2.5 - Released: 9/10/09
    Driver Management
    • Added: View/Edit Modes on Driver Page
    • Added: Driver History Record
    • Added: User Preference to toggle Driver Update E-mails

    EFS Card Loads
    • Updated: EFS File Sent E-mail to show filename sent to EFS not local name
    • Fixed: Not showing Payroll sidemenu for only Admins
    • Fixed: Card Load Reversal handling

    • Fixed: Error on WSO home when no notifications exist

    Online Application
    • Updated: Express App uses E-mail modules
    • Fixed: Some backend Express App saving processes

    Public Site
    • Updated: Image resizing method for IE (bicubic)

    Wall Street Online
    • Updated: Better handling of database calls which return no rows
    • Added: stadardized E-mail modules to send e-mails

Version: 2.4.3 - Released: 8/20/09
    Driver Management
    • Added: Better handling of Jr and Sr in driver last names

    EFS Card Loads
    • Fixed: Card Load alternate row shading
    • Fixed: Show already loaded inputs when canceling card load confirmation
    • Added: EFS Summary Page
    • Added: Quick Stats for prev batch, last 5 and lifetime to EFS Summary
    • Added: Last 15 Batches and Days of Week Average graphs to EFS Summary
    • Fixed: Activity List not showing Terminated Drivers
    • Fixed: Activity List not printing in alphabetical order
    • Added: Date filtering to Activity Page
    • Removed: Direct Deposit Group
    • Removed: Reversal page, use negative amount to reverse
    • Added: Control to prevent duplicate card loading, can override with permission
    • Fixed: Full Card List to include terminals and order by terminal then name

    Online Application
    • Updated: Verbage on Occ/Acc form to reflect new policy
    • Fixed: Broken app submit e-mail
    • Fixed: Unable to save app details in IE
    • Added: Corporate users can toggle Full App submit manually
    • Fixed: Prev Employment page layout
    • Fixed: Broken app logout page

    Public Site
    • Added: Unique titles to each page for SEO

    Wall Street Online
    • Added: Unique titles to each page for SEO

Version: 2.4 - Released: 7/21/09
    EFS Card Loads
    • Added: Card Load Queue
    • Added: Card Load Queue Viewer
    • Added: Terminals to EFS Card Loads
    • Updated: EFS Activity print out has headers for filters and sorting

    Online Application
    • Added: No Javascript warning to Previous Employment
    • Added: 'Your Employers' title to employers box on Previous Employment
    • Fixed: Bug in IE on Previous Employemnt causing Javascript error
    • Updated: Removed Depreciated code from app backend
    • Added: Agents are e-mail on Express and Full App submit
    • Fixed: Bug preventing delete of last Previous Employer

    Public Site
    • Updated: Made homepage IE6 compatible

    Wall Street Online
    • Updated: Enhanced efficienty of some SQL queries
    • Fixed: users can change their passwords now

Version: 2.3 - Released: 7/3/09
    Online Application
    • Updated: Previous Employment page, shows gaps, easier add/edit/delete
    • Removed: Risk Management points from app page

    Risk Management
    • Added: Print Top 20 Report Cards button
    • Added: Filter on Corrective Actions to show completed actions
    • Updated: Corrective Action page to handle complete actions
    • Fixed: Incident list filters on driver ID number

    User Management
    • Fixed: bug preventing change of users' permission level

    What's Happening? (Notifications)
    • Updated: Limited On-Page notification area's size
    • Added: Close All on-page notifications

Version: 2.2 - Released: 6/25/2009
    • Added: Payroll module: EFS card loads from Drivers
    • Updated: Filtered termed drivers from EFS loads list
    • Added: Interactive EFS Activity Page with printable version
    • Added: Printable EFS Master Card List
    • Updated: Streamlined and updated UI for EFS card loads
    • Added: Thursday EOD Direct Deposit Group
    • Fixed: IE caching card load lists bug
    • Updated: Already Loaded Lists filter by terminal
    • Updated/Fixed: EFS E-mail content

    Public Site
    • Added: Lexington and Madison Logos to homepage

    Risk Management
    • Added: Corrective Actions on Driver Page and Report Card

Version: 2.1 - Released: 6/5/09
    • Added: Compliance Page
    • Added: Compliance Tables to Driver and Truck pages
    • Added: Daily Compliance Reminder Script (adds notifications)
    • Added: Edit Compliance Types Page
    • Added: Compliance to Agent sidemenu

    Driver Management
    • Added: Remove '*' from Last Names

    Main Site
    • Updated: Company Map
    • Updated: Changed top nav WSO from login to index
    • Fixed: Typo on Company Page

    Online Application
    • Fixed: Error not posting driver on hire page
    • Added: Escrow deduction on new hire e-mail as default
    • Added: Can login to online app with driver last name and last 4 of soc
    • Fixed: SSN not displaying
    • Fixed: Encoding error in terminal drop down name attribute on hire page

    Risk Management
    • Added: Incident Points zero after 3 years
    • Added: Create Corrective Actions
    • Updated: Corrective Actions add notifications (no notification e-mails though)

    User Management
    • Updated: User Edit to use AJAX
    • Added: Departments

    Wall Street Online
    • Removed: FAQ from Help Desk

    What's Happening? (Notifications)
    • Updated: Verbage in notification e-mails to be smarter
    • Added: Date to notifications, displays as 'about 2 days ago', etc.
    • Added: Date and Time on mouseover of 'about 2 days ago' in on-page notifications
    • Added: Default time for notifications given date is 11:59 PM
    • Fixed: Date format in notification e-mails

Version: 2.0 - Released: 5/4/09
    Wall Street Online
    • Fixed: Bug showing User Profile when not logged in
    • Added: Responsiviness and Corrective Actions Reminders preference to User Profile
    • Updated: Changed login error message to: 'Login Error'
    • Added: Link to submit bugs to fogbugz
    • Updated: Status notifications are above page on top-right instead of on-page (jGrowl)
    • Fixed: Removed all traces of Dojo
    • Updated: Help Desk Topics and Content

    Driver Management
    • Updated: Complete Redo of Last Names capitalization algorithm
    • Fixed: blank type showing in status notification on truck page

    Online Application
    • Fixed: Bug with hire date on new hire e-mail
    • Added: Casing and input masks on Express App
    • Fixed: Prev Emp on Full App not saving (reverted to pre-JS version)
    • Added: HazMat Endorsement to Full App

    Risk Management
    • Added: Corrective Actions table to Risk Management Page
    • Added: Create/Edit Corrective Action Types
    • Added: Create/Edit Corrective Actions (Creation disabled due to incompatible server settings)
    • Added: Better description in right sidebar on RM page
    • Added: Create/Edit Incidents on App Page
    • Updated: Revoked Agent/Driver permissions to add/edit Incidents

    Terminal Manmagemnt
    • Fixed: Error Message not hiding on load on Terminal Page
    • Added: Print Terminal List for all Users

    What's Happening?
    • Added: 'On-Page' notifications to WSO Home
    • Added: Hourly Consolidation and E-Mail of notifications
    • Added: Notifications on Driver/Truck/Terminal info update

Version: - Released: 3/30/09
    Driver Management
    • Updated: Driver ID numbers
    • Fixed: on just adding driver, shows to add truck and no redirect
    • Updated: on add driver, redirect to driver-page (to add incidents)
    • Updated: adding driver uses Last_Insert_ID() for get driverID
    • Updated: made getting whole terminal name part of driver list query
    • Fixed: Driver List not printing
    • Updated: Add Driver and Print Driver List to buttons
    • Added: added backend filtering of Driver List by terminal, for agent access
    • Added: Agent Access to driver page
    • Fixed: too much info edit permission for agents and drivers
    • Fixed: typo (no space) in error message on truck page
    • Added: Add truck only
    • Updated: for drivers, truck number on driver-page is not link (no driver access to truck page)

    Application Management
    • Fixed: Programs toggle on app page, breaking in IE
    • Fixed: Typo in right side bar
    • Fixed: Extra spacing in page
    • Updated: Made filter drop down not Dojo
    • Fixed: (partially) Sidemenu has extra line height
    • Fixed: italics on app filter label
    • Fixed: typo breaking ReqDrivingRec PDF
    • Fixed: incidents copy to driver on hire

    User Management
    • Fixed: Double heading on page
    • Removed: all support for user's phone number

    Wall Street Online
    • Updated: Madison Intermodal logo
    • Fixed: Redirect back to requested page upon login
    • Updated: made Table Listing PDF template to facilitate quick 'list' reports
    • Fixed: typo on redirect when logging in as Driver
    • Fixed: dataTable stylings making all tables have cursor:pointer
    • Fixed: drivers/applicants user-profile goes to driver/app-page
    • Added: Animation to hide most status updates after 5 seconds

    Risk Management
    • Updated: auto-refresh on incident load, changed to status update with link to refresh page
    • Fixed: all points saving as 0
    • Updated: changed default sorting from terminal to total points
    • Removed: Delete incidentType column, deleting types is strongly discouraged
    • Added: printable Driver's Report Card on driver page
    • Fixed: Incident Add/edit Box position in IE
    • Fixed: Incident Add/edit Box onlny showing onApp incident types

    Full Online Application
    • Removed: resumeApp.html
    • Removed: some depreciated submit cases
    • Fixed: Submit Express App e-mail username field is blank
    • Added: verbage to encourage retry submitting if no errors

Version: - Released: 3/20/09
    Wall Street Online
    • Update: Login box is smarter, better at getting users where they need to go
    • Update: new DataTables version
    • Fixed: bugs in App List display
    • Update: login page verbage clearer
    • Fixed: e-mail fields on user register too short
    • Removed a lot of whitespace to make files smaller
    • Fixed: dataTables' headers overlap with filter box in FF, Chrome
    • Fixed: downloads showing for applicants
    • Fixed: user register always showed 'e-mail already registereed'
    • Updated: made user's username the first part of e-mail address (before the '@')
    • Removed: depreciated files
    • Fixed: error message and success message shows on successful user registration

    Driver Management
    • Fixed: dates save as null instead of 00/00/0000
    • Fixed: 'active' now default driver list filter
    • Update: SSN re-encrypts on when dependent fields change
    • Removed: Pie Chart from driver summary
    • Update: redid driver save on driver page for speed and encapsulation
    • Added: convert Case Script to convert driver info to proper case
    • Fixed: faulty updating of driver SSN, dates

    Risk Management
    • Added: Delete and edit incident on driver page
    • Fixed: on incident add, page not refreshing
    • Added: editable incident type table
    • Fixed: termed drivers showing on Risk Management list
    • Added: add incidents from driver page
    • Added: can delete incident types

    Online Application
    • Fixed: saving previous employment dates as null instead of 00/00/0000
    • Added: driving history replaces traffic and accident history tables
    • Fixed: emergency contact number box is too small

    Application Management
    • Added: terminal to print MVR info
    • Fixed: CDL numbers, states, others were inadvertently being encrypted
    • Added: D and A Statement and Request for Driving Record got additional verbage
    • Fixed: typo in DS Authorization
    • Added: Driving History(incidents) to app page
    • Added: new drop down interface for printable documents

    Main Site
    • Update: added new terminals to locations map

    Terminal Management
    • Update: added fax numbers to list and removed pay scale for admins
    • Update: renamed terminal id for better consistency
    • Added: Madison as company
    • Added: add terminal now on terminal list page
    • Fixed: bugs in activate/deactivate terminals
    • Updated: terminal page, cannot edit #, company or abbv

Version: - Released: 3/06/09
    Application Management
    • Fixed Bug showing Applicants failed drug test when they did not
    • Changed prev-emp dates on app-page to display correctly
    • App Page doesn't rely on Dojo
    • Added "Intent to Sign" verbage if app not signed
    • Masked more inputs
    • Increased Font Size on Prev Emp Forms
    • Fixed display of app start date on App Page
    • Made toggling of Editable App and Editable Prev Emps faster
    • Fixed DD number validation error on hire page
    • Fixed redirecting bug on hire page
    • On hire, applicant's password is copied to driver's record

    Wall Street Online
    • Removed text directing to App login on WSO login
    • Removed a lot of extra whitespace on all files
    • Updated to jQuery 1.3.3
    • Reformatted UserBox
    • Changed Username to Email (users can still log in with username)
    • Made Logging In more stable
    • Completely Reworked User Requesting, now Registering
    • Big Homepage buttons change based on permission level

    Driver Management
    • Driver and Truck Pages correct casing, removed inline edits, replaced with text boxes, values refresh on save
    • Implemented add driver feature
    • Removed Driver Search boxes
    • Changed Permissions on Driver Page for Driver Access
    • Encrypted all Driver SSNs

    Online Application
    • Added Fax to Prev Emps
    • Removed Username from Exp App; Use e-mail to login
    • On complete of Exp App, auto sign into Full App
    • Auto Sign OUT on load of Exp App
    • Made full app login box detect if already logged into full app
    • Fixed Bug not canceling Prev Emp Add Form
    • Fixed Bug not saving Exp App SSNs
    • Fixed unescaped Add More saves

    Main Site
    • Fixed bug in TopNav animation

    Risk Management
    • Added Risk Management System
    • Support for Adding Incidents through Driver Points List
    • Added Incident List to Driver Page with Incident Editing
    • Added Specific Permission for Risk Management

Version: - Released: 2/20/09
    Online Application
    • All Dates on application use Masked Inputs no more date boxes
    • All SNN, FEID and Phone number boxes use masked input
    • App will properly case most inputs
    • Can Login to app from any login box and can hit Enter to login (no clicking req)
    • Added more login boxes, scattered all over
    • Made to app a little easier to complete
    • Removed support for more than one CDL, no applicant had ever entered more than one CDL

    Application Management
    • Redid Editable Application to make every field editable
    • Added sidebar for Optional Program editing

    Wall Street Online
    • Can Login to WSO from any login box and can hit Enter to login (no clicking req)

Version: - Released: 2/13/09
    Online Application
    • Added writable Signature

    Driver Management
    • Made Printable Driver List follow filters

    Application Management
    • Made all Printables PDFs
    • Made all Previous Employment Fhecks PDFs
    • Made all Rrintables and Previous Employment Forms know company based on terminal
    • Blocked direct access to signature files

    Main Site
    • Changed perdiem@wallstreet... to equipmentcontrol@wallstreet... on contact page

Version: - Released: 2/6/09
    Wall Street Online
    • Made all lisings interactive tables with sorting and incremental searching

    Driver Management
    • Added hire date for trucks
    • Added filter for active/termed/all drivers in driver list

    Application Management
    • Reformatted app list date to be mm/dd/yyyy format

Version: - Released: 2/3/09
    Driver Management
    • Added Printable Driver List
    • If truck number is displayed in driver list, clicking truck number will go to truck page
    • Redid backend for handling trucks better
    • Added Co-Driver Support
    • fixed a bug if linking directly to driver_search (not allowed)

    Main Site
    • Added Request A Quote
    • Redid Top Menu to be consistent on all Main Site pages

    Online Application/App Management
    • Added validation of Direct Deposit Number (must be 5 digits)
    • Updated Hire Page to use better truck number handling and co-driver support
    • Changed hiring code to track and display errors on hire page. Or jump to driver list if no errors

Version: - Released: 1/23/09
    EFS Card Load
    • Added EFS Reversals
    • Changed to not write transactions until just after file transmission success
    • To Load List only shows cards with 5 digits

    Online Application
    • Fixed bug breaking MVR Info
    • Added bookmark links to help navigate editable app
    • Stopped Printables from opening in new window
    • Fixed Employment Dates not saving for Previous Employers

Version: - Released: 1/15/09
    Wall Street Online
    • Removed Tools Menu

    EFS Card Load
    • Fixed Bug of Improper EFS file line length
    • Updated Direct Deposit Groups for only 2 groups
    • Added confirmation to Card Loads
    • Added splitting of large load amounts across multiple EFS file lines automagically
    • Added automatc e-mail after card loads
    • Added Error Control to prevent file creation or FTP transfer if error occurs in card loading
    • Made Driver Names in Past Loads List smaller to prevent multi-lining
    • Added Confirm and Cancel Buttons to Confirm
    • Moved Load Cards buttom to the right
    • Page Scrolls to top when confirm list is loaded

    Driver Management
    • Made Direct Deposit Number default to Fuel Card Number if no Direct Deposit Number is provided at hire
    • Enlarged the Driver Summary Graph

    User Management
    • Fixed SideMenu error on create user page
    • Added Name and Phone to Create User Page
    • Can Add Active User with NULL application ID
    • Reworked Permissions to allow access to specific areas

Version: - Released: 1/09/09
    Driver Management
    • Reworked Truck/Driver Relationship
    • Fixed Error Updating Truck Number on Driver Page
    • Added Driver Summary Page
    • Added Delete Driver to Driver List
    • Changed Date fields to show mm/dd/yyyy format instead of yyyy-mm-dd
    • Reworked setting driver info for future features
    • Added validation to Driver Page
    • Added EFS Card Load Page to Drivers section

    EFS Card Load
    • Changed file name of FTP file
    • Changed EFS Card Load page sidemenu to drivers

    Wall Street Online
    • Removed Tools and Agency Calc from site

Version: - Released: 1/06/09
    EFS Card Load
    • Added EFS Card Load System, allows EFS cards to be semi-automatically loaded
    • Added Tracking for EFS Loads by username and date

    Wall Street Online
    • Added Tools Sidemenu for EFS Card Loads
    • Changed Sorting and other links to not scroll to top of page when clicked
    • Reworked backend of many functions
    • Added more accessability to inner functions

    Driver Management
    • Removed Direct Deposit Checkbox from Hire Page and Drivere Page
    • Changed New Hire Email to use Commas instead of underscores to separate deductions
    • Changed Datepicker for Hire Page

    Main Site
    • Updated TopNav animations, site wide

Version: - Released: 12/12/08
    Driver Management
    • Added Fuel Card Data to Driver Files. This will evolve into EFS Card Loads
    • Hiring a driver automatically provides a username from the application

    Online Application
    • Added Ability for Applicants to log into Wall Street Online to see the status of their application
    • Updated the Express App Submitted page to show logging into WSO
    • Hire Page shows a warning when hiring an app that is already been hired
    • Made Sending the hire email optional with checkbox
    • Made 'How Long Since Worked' editable on app page app

    Wall Street Online
    • Improved Stability of included and required files
    • Added a new permission type for Applicants
    • New batches will be made via Cron job

Version: - Released: 12/05/08
    Online Application
    • Changed Date Of Birth on Express App to a Date Box from separate boxes

    Driver Management
    • Added Search

    App Management
    • Added Sorting to Application List

    Help Desk
    • Added Print All help

Version: - Released: 11/21/08
    Help Desk
    • Started FAQ

    App Management
    • Fixed Date display problems on App List
    • Added Ability to Change Previous Employment Info
    • Fixed email display on app show on app page

    Driver Management
    • Complated Phase I
    • Added Driver Management Page
    • Added Hire Page

    Unit Tests
    • Added Driver Management
    • Reorganized Unit Tests

Version: - Released: 10/31/08
    Wall Street Online
    • Added Terminal to User Activate Page
    • Added Terminal Management System

Version: - Released: 10/24/08
    Online Application
    • Added Terminal to OWner Info Form
    • Fixed Cert. of Violations error (Ticket #65)
    • Added Side Menu to Express Application
    • Added Pay To Name and SSN/FEID to Application
    • Eencrypted Owner SSN and Pay To SSN/FEID
    • Added Beneficiary to Application and Occ/App Form
    • Removed Save for Later Buttons from Full App
    • Added Accident History to App Review
    • Changed Subject of Full Application Submitted Email

    Main Site
    • De-Tuned CSS

Version: - Released: 10/20/08
    Online Application
    • added printable Certificate of Violations
    • added printable Occ/Acc enrollment form
    • added sex, phone and cell phone fields
    • Encrypted SSNs in database
    • Fixed Bug on app list concerning terminal name
    • Fixed display bugs in IE

    Wall Street Online
    • Fixed Bug of Current Terminal not appearing when editing user info

Version: - Released: 10/02/08
    Main site
    • Combined all page and database modules into a single file each
    • Fixed bug that was preventing pages from displaying

    Wall Street Online
    • Removed Dev emails
    • Made Error Messages on Login Page more readable

    Online Applications
    • Printable App now shows CDL history
    • Added printable MVR Info
    • App Page only shows Full App if the Full App has been submitted
    • Updated Terms of the Application to include Electronic Signature
    • Added underlines to signature and date on printable App
    • Added printable Previous Employment Verification Forms
    • Added printable Drug and Alcohol Statement
    • Removed redundant terminal naming on Drug Screen Authorization
    • Reorganized Actions List
    • Fixed bug of Apps not showing for agents (Ticket #56)
    • Added new App Task, Printed App

Version: - Released: 9/12/08
    Main Site
    • New TopNav Animation

    Wall Street Online
    • Logins work more smoothly
    • Added an application pag for Agents
    • Added Filter to Download Page

    Express Application
    • Added support for unnamed terminals

Version: - Released: 9/4/08
    Main Site
    • Added Satisfactory Compliance Rating to Company Info Page

    Wall Street Online
    • Updated the Look of the Application List
    • Added Quick-Reject Function to the Application List
    • Added ReActivate to the Application List for Rejected Drivers
    • Hire and Reject Buttons work on Application Page
    • Darkened Text in the Login Boxes
    • Added Filter to Application List
    • Added Filter to User List
    • Improved the Performance of Activating/Deactivating Users from the User List
    • Added Printable Application
    • Updated the output of the Agency Calc
    • Improved the manners of the login page

Version: - Released: 8/29/08
    Main Site
    • Added links to EFS and Google Maps

    Wall Street Online
    • Added Username to Upload Notification Email
    • App Status chosen with Checkboxes instead of Dropdown, saves on click, Hire and Reject Buttons non-functional
    • Added 'Actions' list to App Page (not all implemented yet)
    • App Status reflected in App List

Version: - Released: 08/22/08
    Main Site
    • Added Animation to Top Menu
    • Changed 404 to create log instead of e-mailing

    Wall Street Online
    • Fixed Errors when Requesting a Username
    • Added Red Flag for applications over 30 days old
    • Added agency Calculator
    • App Page shows editable Application Info
    • Changed the Top Menu (Application Management to Applications, User Management to Users, added Tools)
    • Modified User Listing
    • Streamlined Agent Calculator

Version: - Released: 08/14/08
    Main Site
    • Added Blog
    • Added PushUp, browser upgrade suggester

    Wall Street Online
    • New Users can Request Access
    • Updated Auto-email addresses
    • Fixed problem of redirecting to login page on login
    • Added Forgot Password System
    • Fixed Download Upload Form

    User Management
    • Created User Management List
    • Created User Edit Page

Version: - Released: 08/08/08
    Main Site
    • Added WSO to NavBar
    • Added Marketing PDFs to agent section

    Wall Street Online
    • Added Create User Functionality
    • Added Username to 404 Email
    • Added Marketing PDFs to Downloads
    • Changed WSO Home to have buttons instead of News

    Driver Application
    • Added Start Date, Last Save Date and Last Status Change to Application
    • Changed verbage on App Start
    • Express App does not validate until submit

    Application Management
    • Added Basic App Page
    • Added Drug Screen Authorization
    • App List Filters By Agency for Agent Accounts

Version: - Released: 07/25/08
    Wall Street Online
    • Added Permissions
    • Login redirects to page requested before login
    • Updated Login and Log Out Pages
    • Link to Login as different user in login box

    Driver Application
    • Added Express Application
    • Username and Pasword required for Full App
    • Added logout page to Full App

    Main Site
    • Updated email settings for 404 Page
    • Links to Online Application go to Express App

Version: - Released: 07/11/08
    Wall Street Online
    • Added about text in right sidebar
    • Created TopNav Menu
    • Created SideMenus
    • Created New Background Image
    • Added Download to Main Menu
    • Added 11 new downloadable documents
    • Added Help Desk to Main Menu(inactive)
    • Added file upload form
    • Login System Working
    • Added UserBox

    Application Management
    • Added Application Listing

    Driver Application
    • Added Help Page with Sliding Menu
    • Added Application Status Tracking
    • Added Jump to Page 1
    • Added Terminal Field

    Main Site
    • Text Color to Green
    • Modified Home Page Content

Version: - Released: 07/07/08
    Main Site
    • Changed file extensions to .html

Version: - Released: 07/02/08
    Wall Street Online
    • Logins Working
    • Created Home Page

    Application Management
    • Created Home Page

    Driver Application
    • Fixed AddMore Save without saving changes to page
    • Removed Blue Border on Application Start Button (IE)
    • Can Use Special Characters in App
    • Added Driver Email field
    • Validation for Email, SSN and Phone added
    • Added Link back to App on create pass phrase page
    • Can Delete and Edit Add Mores
    • Added Help Page for Application
    • Resume App bug fix
    • Reworked Application Processing
    • Restructured backend includes (Ipower VPS requirement)
    • Using all lowercase database table names (Ipower VPS requirement)
    • Increased Applciation System Security

Version: - Released: 6/9/08
    Main Site
    • Fixed Site Map link on index.php
    • Fixed Broken Links on Site Map
    • Added Release Date to Change Log
    • Updated 404 Page (use back button)

    Driver Application
    • Added Validation to Previous Employment for 10 years and 30 days
    • Changed Default Drug Test Value to True
    • No Red Coloring if page not previously saved

Version: - Released: 6/6/08
    Main Site
    • Added Site Map (updated link in footer)
    • Added Change Log (This Page)

    Driver Application
    • Safe For Later when Pass Phrase already created prompts to change Pass Phrase

Version: - Released: 6/5/08
    Main Site
    • Intermodal Services - Fixed UL Margin

    Driver Application
    • Added Images for Edit Buttons on Review
    • Fixed Session Error on createPassPhrase

Version: - Released: 6/3/08
    Main Site
    • Content Updates
    • Repaired Link(s)

    Driver Application
    • Past Drug/Alcohol to Radio Buttons
    • Truck Weights and Plate not required
    • Combined Owner SSN and FEID
    • Added Jump To dropdown on app pages
    • Edit Section Buttons on Review Page
    • Added Deductible Programs to Opt Progs
    • Previous Address not required

Version: - Released: 5/30/08
    Main Site
    • Content Updates
    • Added Login Box to index.php

    Driver Application
    • Sumbit Works
    • Validation (completion only)

Version: BETA - Released: 5/21/08
    Main Site
    • Segmented Page Elements into Page_Modules.php
    • Content Updates

    Driver Application
    • Add Mores

Version: BETA - Released: 5/20/08
    Main Site
    • App Pages up and Working

    Driver Application
    • No 'Add More's
    • No Submission